Telling Dirty Jokes to Clients


Years ago I worked with a salesperson that kept a file folder in his desk full of dirty jokes that he would use regularly on phone calls and in meetings. He had crude sense of humor, was bombastic, loud and obnoxious.

And, his clients loved him.

Sure, he rubbed some people the wrong way but those that “got” him loved working with him and he would win business since he was so memorable.

This is an important lesson – always be yourself, your true self – and good things will usually happen.

Since my last post I’ve been overwhelmed by the outpouring of calls, messages, texts from people I’ve crossed paths with and plenty that I haven’t. I’m honored that people took the time to respond and share some of their own stories. The goal when starting this blog several months ago was to share some of my own experiences in the hope that it might help others on a similar path – whether that be a spiritual or a professional one.

That last post focused on the sudden death of my younger brother and a lesson that I took from that situation. Strangely, the post itself has now  reminded me of this other lesson.

When you put yourself out there – in an honest and authentic way – good things will happen. The views on the last post were 10x higher than usual and the response, as mentioned, was incredible. Previous posts were, admittedly, somewhat guarded – or, at least not as raw and open as the one about my brother. None took the risk and presented something as personal.

Moving forward, I will seek to be more open and less guarded in what I share. And, importantly, by putting more of your true self out into the world (and to your clients and prospects), I believe that all sales professionals will see positive results.

Be yourself.

You may or may not, however, want to tell dirty jokes.