Selling with Generosity


It’s a short week…so, a short post.

We’re all focused on thanks and it’s important to remember to be thankful, not just this week but all of the time. While doing so, we also need to be generous. Generosity matters in sales.

If you truly believe your product or service can benefit someone, then it’s not really selling…it’s helping.

I’ve believed in the above for as long as I’ve been selling. And it’s a philosophy that I carried into everything I did…even before Zen made it’s way into my approach.

How often do you leave a sales appointment knowing – really knowing – that you can help someone? Likewise, what happens when you’re frustrated that the client or prospect can’t see the obvious – that what you’re proposing will significantly help them and their business?

Cultivating this mindset – a generous spirit – is important in business just as it is in life.

The only way to effectively communicate your value to a prospect or customer is understanding their needs deeply…and knowing your product or service intimately. Our purpose as Zen Sellers is to connect these two. By doing so often, you can embody the ethos of a Zen Seller.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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