What Salesforce’s CEO knows about Zen

I really, really, really wish I could go to Dreamforce this year. Dreamforce is Salesforce’s annual gathering of sales professionals, vendors and the sales & business community. There’s always great keynotes and top tier entertainment – plus, I’m a big fan of the company and their philosophy.

In particular, I love this quote from CEO, Mark Benioff: “I strongly believe that the business of a business is to improve the world.” Sounds something like a Bodhisattva, right?  Here’s a link to what I wrote about bodhisattvas in our midst, particularly in the business world.

A big reason I’d like to be in San Francisco for the event this year is the fact that they’ve invited 20 buddhist monks from Plum Village to attend and lead daily mindfulness sessions. I LOVE the fact that the biggest CRM system in the world – one that is a daily practice for so many sales professionals like me – recognizes the need for mindfulness in our lives and in our work.

Here’s a video about Salesforce’s commitment to mindfulness.

Salesforce isn’t just doing this all for show – they really embody this philosophy. They have “mindfulness zones” on every floor of their new HQ building (see article here) and Mark spoke about what prompted the creation of these zones in an article for Forbes early this year. He was inspired by Thich Nhat Hanh, a revered Vietnames monk who, along with 30 other monks, stayed at Benioff’s house last year.

It’s encouraging that more and more business leaders recognize the value of meditation and mindfulness.

Next time you’re entering an Opportunity, adding an Account or assigning a Task in Salesforce, think of those monks, take a deep breath and get a little Zen.

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