Be Aggressive…B-E Aggressive

Or, Get Things Done.

There is a misperception about buddhism – and zen in particular – that it’s a very passive, navel-gazing religion (some say it’s not a religion at all but really a philosophy – but that’s a whole different subject for a different time). Because zen is interested in accepting things as they are, people often mistake that to mean simply “deal with it”. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Zen practitioners are absolutely focused on what is really happening at this moment…but, that doesn’t mean that they don’t also take an active role in doing what must be done.

Often in our lives – and certainly in our day-to-day business world – we’re faced with challenges; an irate client, a missed deadline or an order that shipped incorrectly. Whatever is happening, zen teaches us to acknowledge the reality of the situation objectively and do what needs to be done to fix it. The key is that we should not let our feelings or emotions about what happened dictate how we respond – that’s the zen part. Recognize what’s happening, view your reactions objectively and respond appropriately.

When I was managing sales teams I would often say, “Don’t come to me with a problem (or complaint) without at least one potential solution”. I think this is good advice for anyone – to not only dwell on the negative but think about how you might make it better. What you come up with doesn’t have to be the best solution or the only solution but it needs to be something actionable.

Always thinking this way, and encouraging your colleagues to do so as well, will keep you on the path of zen sales.




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